Monday, 10 November 2014

How to personalize a Candy Bar for your kid's party!

Step 1: Choose a party theme
This could be a color choice (pink, purple, pastel, rainbow?), your kid's favourite cartoon (or even yours) or something symbolic to your family.

Our client chose a cowboy theme for her baby boy first year's party. Something fun and original!

Step2: Decide whether you want sweets, desserts or combination
The sweets will be customized to your theme such as the colour combination or even with the cartoon character design on it. Desserts (such as cupcakes, cake pops, etc) can be customized to the theme with our personalized cupcake toppers and cakepops or marshmallow pops can be designed to your theme as well. 

We can also personalized Kit-Kat with wrappers customized to your event

Even the popcorn cones are customized to your event. With our team of bakers, we can provide a birthday cake customized to your theme as well!

Step3: Email us at for a customized sweetlist to your theme.
We, at Sweet Moments Candy, specializes in personalizing your candy bar for your little ones!
Do click on our 'kid's party' tab to see what we had done!

Step 4: Decorations - a must to a themed party
With your theme in mind, we can also design wall/ table decorations for your party. We can also provide venue decorations. 

Wall/ table decorations not only enhance the party theme, it also brings the WOW effect when your guests see the candy bar. If you have already invested in a candy bar, wall decorations are just a small top up away to bring the whole theme across and set the mood for the party!

Happy Planning!