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How do you estimate the amount of sweets and sweet types?

Typically for Package A, about 60-80grams of sweet is provided for each guest, whereas package B provides about 100-120grams of sweet per guests for take home purposes. As each pack of sweet typically comes in 2.2kg pack, this will determine the varieties of sweets you will have; hence the more guests you have, the more varieties of sweets will be provided.

For clients who are catering for a smaller group of guests (eg. 30-50 guests), smaller packs of sweets will be obtained to increase the sweet varieties. As wholesale prices typically apply to larger packs, the purchase of smaller packs might incur a higher cost.

What is the difference between Package A and B?

Package A is mainly catered for reception ONLY as the amount of sweet provided will not be sufficient for take home purposes. Package B supplies sufficient sweets for the guests to take home in the boxes or bags provided. The boxes/ bags are also included in the cost of package B.

Should I take a box or a bag?

It all depends on your preference. If your set-up includes bigger sweets such as the marshmallows and gum balls, you might want to take the bag instead as it has greater depth.

The capacity of the box is bigger than the bags, so you might have to cater more sweets.

How do you keep the cost low?

Sweet Moments import our sweets wholesale from our suppliers overseas, so you will not only be able to get unique sweets that are not found in Singapore but also at a low cost. Our prices and varieties are highly competitive to other party suppliers and local stores. 

Should I cater for the all of my guests or just those that like sweets, like young adults and kids?

You will be surprised that our sweets are well-liked by all ages. We typically cater a variety of sweets from sour (very popular with the aunties) to savoury to sweet. This increases the variety of our candy buffet selection and caters to everyone’s tastebuds.  

Should I cater for all my guests? Will it be cheaper if I only carter for a portion of my guests?

Contrary to belief, it might not be cheaper to cater for only a portion of your guest. As with most wholesalers, we buy our sweets in bulk in order to obtain a cheaper rate. With a decrease number of guests, it means that we either have to cut down on variety or we have to get smaller bags which would cost more than bulk order, hence the price per pax increases when you are catering for only 150 guests as compared to 200 guests.

How do you decorate the Candy Buffet Table?

The package includes decorations for the jars as well as the labels for the sweets.

However decorations for the candy buffet table, such as flowers etc, are not included. In order to keep cost low for you, we often work with your existing florist and hotel as most clients will have an existing package with them. If required, upgrading your current package will cost less than sourcing for new materials. Unless you have a specific theme that the florist/ hotel cannot accommodate to, we can help you to source, design and construct the set-up.
* Cost of the raw materials are not included in the quotation.

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