Tuesday, 11 June 2013

T.O.P Carnival Party

A Carnival themed party was held for the T.O.P of NV Residences @ Pasir Ris Grove and we were invited to set up a colourful carnival candy bar!

The candy bar was such a great hit that we had a hard time trying to get the residents, especially the kids, to wait for the launch of the event before attacking the candies :)

Our carnival setup was brightly-coloured and filled with candies to suit everyone's tastebuds, such as the sweets for the kids and sweet tooth among us, the candy coated peanuts/almonds for those wanting a mix of  sweet and bitter/savoury, the sourballs are always a hit with the ladies while the savoury pretzels are also catered for the healthy eaters. And who can resist Lollipops, M&Ms and gummy bears!

We had carnival flags and red, blue and yellow fan-deco set up in the pavilion next to the candy bar for our residents to relax by the pool while munching on our delights!

As we personalized every event that we setup, not only did we have a banner welcoming the residents to the T.O.P event, we also made a gummy tree out of gum drops and dotted the candy bar with hand-made windmills.

It's a joy to see the pleased faces of our clients, the 'WOW' look on the faces of the residents and the lit-up eyes of the kids when they see our candy bar :)

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