Friday, 27 December 2013

Fairyland Candy Buffet for the kid in you!

Attracted by our previous work and accolades from our media features and clients, Sweet Moments was invited to be one of the partners in the ' Whimsical UPicnic', a major NTUC union event for the year. 

The turnout was huge, the family orientated event was filled with events catered for the children and what can attract kids more than Candy?

To cater to the Whimsical Theme and with the kids in mind, we created a fairyland themed candy bar and a chocolate fountain section filled with their favourite candies: Lollipops, chocolates, candysticks, peanutbutter candy, buttermints, marshmallows etc!

A close up at our setup :) 
Our fairyland is a home for all things magical from fairies to garden creatures and even gnomes *wink*

Not to forget our chocolate fountain station. The marshmallows (perfect with the melted chocolate) were our best-selling item of the night!

Featuring our Marshmallow pops for the special event: Complete with a bee/ butterfly/ flower on top!

Spot the strawberry marshmallow pop :P

We are extending our reach to even more corporate accounts this coming year!
We are looking forward to an even more fulfilling 2014 ahead :)

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