Saturday, 28 December 2013

Purple & Silver 'Sweet Romance' Candy Reception

A picture speaks a thousand words!
This is definitely one of the forerunners of the Photo contest we will be holding at the end of the year!

The bride and her wedding team chose purple and silver with a tinge of pink for their wedding reception.

A simple candy bar selection with our gorgeous bride and groom cake pops. 
As the candy bar was intended to be the center of attention for the reception, the couple splurged on the decorations which we had DIY-ed. The decorations from the Fan deco to the ribbon tassel were hand-made by us in order to customised to the exact needs of our clients.

 We also provided a customised cake base for our client :)
 The embossed cake base brings a touch of elegance and definitely height to the cake !

Congratulation to our October Clients, Kel and Yoshima! May your marriage soar like the cranes :p

Apologies for the delays in updates as we were overwhelmed with Candy bar setup from Oct to Dec. 
The festive season gave us a break and time to update our website!

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